Dress him, hug him for years to come

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Our Story

In 1966, my parents had their hands full during the chaotic holiday season, with 5 kids asking, “How many more days?” over and over. Their solution? A family tradition that we’ve kept for nearly 50 years. A handmade Santa doll became our countdown calendar. With items of clothing strung across the fireplace mantel, every evening after dinner, one of us would take a turn dressing Santa. One night it might be a sock, a belt or his jacket. The number of items left told us exactly how many more days until Santa visited our house. The tradition continued, even after we all grew up and moved out. Every December, Santa waited for us in his sleigh by the fireplace, and every December when we visited, we continued to take turns getting him dressed. When the grandkids arrived, they became part of the family tradition. In 2017, I made one for my own family, and once I saw him next to our fireplace and the smiles of joy and wonder on my daughters’ faces, I knew it was time to share this wonderful tradition with the rest of the world. Staying true to my parents’ vision, Santa’s friendly spirit shines through in this new design. Give him a hug and help him get ready for the big day! He’ll appreciate it and your family will too.

Kevin A. Pierce


320 Toys LLC