Welcome to Santa's Closet

Hello, and welcome to Santa's Closet, the official blog for the Santa Clothes®: The Countdown-to-Christmas doll. With only 60 days left until Christmas, it's time to get to know the Santa Clothes Doll and the beautiful story behind it.

During the holiday season, excited children usually ask questions like "when is Santa coming," "how many more days left until Christmas," and “when can I open my presents?” We can all agree that, as parents, we always hear these hopeful questions coming from our kids when December creeps near. While hearing a child’s excitement is cute and fulfilling, it can be hard to juggle the Christmas season without some help. Introducing the Santa Clothes Doll, the aid for all parents! The Santa Clothes Doll is a spin-off of a 12-day advent calendar for kids, helping keep parents at ease by answering these questions for them. With one clothesline and 12 pieces of clothing, each representing one day of the Christmas countdown, kids learn how to countdown the days until Christmas by themselves, and have fun doing so along the way!
For Kevin Pierce, the founder of 320 Toys LLC, the Santa Clothes Doll is not just a plush toy, it's a long-standing family tradition. Started by his parents, Dic and Roberta Pierce, the very first Santa Clause countdown doll was handmade before Kevin was born. Dic designed the doll and Roberta was in charge of the sewing. Together, they not only created the first doll along with his wardrobe but also built a shareable family tradition that would continue for the next 50 years and counting. Having raised 5 young children, and a few foster children as well, the Pierce’s were able to bring answers alive for many children to enjoy a tradition that Kevin hopes to continue as he shares the doll with the world.

Kevin's Father (1966)      Dic Pierce with the original Santa doll in 1966

The Santa Clothes Doll was created with the purpose of generating a fun and hands-on experience for all children to enjoy during the Christmas season, as well as a problem-solver for busy parents. Each day, starting on December 12, kids hang up the clothesline and dress Santa with one piece of clothing per day. Families can hang all the clothes above the fireplace using the included clothesline and begin helping Santa to dress up for his big Christmas debut. There is no particular order for clothing, so kids get to be as free and creative as they wish when dressing him! While it may just look like a regular Santa doll or an advent calendar, you will find that it means so much more amid the joy he brings families.